Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Rhye: Blood. Review Sketch

year: 2018 

tones of: sade, wet, sinead o'connor

genre samples: alternative r&b, new age, soft pop

music: soothing, relaxing, smooth, chill, lovesick, clean, soft, delicate, romantic, melancholy, safe, silky, graceful, lush

favs: count to five, taste, waste, softly

note: if you listen to this album you might think rhye "sounds like a woman" but nope, he's a cisgender male. rhye is the artistic vehicle of one, michael milosh.

score: 7/10

Friday, March 9, 2018

Pendant: Make Me Know You Sweet. Review Sketch

year: 2018 

tones of: huerco s., gas

genre samples: 
electronica, ambient, experimental

music: simple, pleasant, plodding, subtle, quiet, foggy, ominous, vast, professional, heavy, soothing, dark, spacey, weird, static-y, tense, ambiguous

bbn-uwz, aae-kzt, vvq-ssj, kvl-lwq

notes: pendant is one of the alter egos of music producer, huerco s. electronic artists hiding in plain sight seem to be one of my listening themes lately or perhaps just a feature of the genre. disappointingly enough you can't find this album on spotify or soundcloud but thankfully it is available on youtube along with links to support the artist by buying the record (only $10 bucks!). 

score: 7.5/10

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

A.A.L.: 2012-2017. Review Sketch

year: 2018 

tones of: dj koze, moby, nico jaar, darkside, fuck buttons

genre samples: house, disco, soul, 
electronica, dance, funk

music: fun, danceable, glitchy, joyous, 
tricky, exhilarating, scratchy, warm, kinetic, technical, funky, energetic, precise, soulful, wild

favs: i never dream, you are going to love me and scream,
 now u got me hooked, flash in the pan, cityfade

notes: a.a.l. stands for against all logic which is apparently one of a handful of pseudonyms nicolas jaar operates under (he also does work as a member of darkside, just friends, bladerunner, and daftside). this seems to be a collection of his work under that moniker from 2012 to 2017.

score: 8/10

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Lil Wayne: Dedication 6 Reloaded. Review Sketch

year: 2018 

tones of: lil wayne (early dedication weezy)

genre: rap, trap rap, southern rap, mixtape rap

notable samples: kendrick (loyalty), lil pump (gucci gang), migos (slippery), makavelli (hail mary), jay-z (family feud), playboi carti (woke up like this)

lyrics: metaphorical, clever, graphic, egotistical, sophisticated, comical, layered, crazed, imaginative, irreverent, violent, structured, visual, disrespectful, complex, absurd

favs: bloody mary, for nothing, back from the 80's, 
big bad wolf, family feud, back to sleep

notes: the question and answer style responses from Weezy at the end of every track on here are priceless. this is also one of the better outings he has had in quite some time in terms of lyrical content, consistency, and delivery.

score: 7/10

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

SW.: The Album. Review Sketch.

year: 2017 (broader release)

tones of: floating points, todd terje, LNRDCROY, skee mask, shlohmoh

genre samples: jazz, techno, house, electronica, drum'n'bass, ambient

music: sonic, chaotic, impromptu, encircling, busy, layered, improvised, echoing, ecstatic, reverberating, drum saturated, off beat, lively, high frequency, colorful, crowded, energetic

favs: untitled a1, untitled b3, 
untitled d3, untitled a2, untitled c1, untitled d2

notes: apparently SW. never names anything, hence all the generics - from the album name, its tracks, and cover, down to his own moniker. i consider this just an unconventional but principled way of letting the music speak for itself.

score: 8/10

Friday, February 16, 2018

6lack: Free 6lack. Review Sketch.

year: 2016 

tones of: drake (esp noah "40" shebib's production style), kid cudi, chris brown, childish gambino (on the kauai mixtape)

genre samples: r&b, rap, hip hop

music: chill, dark, 
trippy, mature, spacious, sexy, moody, hazy, ominous

favs: prblms, never know, 
alone/ea6, ex callin (cover of Future's "perkys callin"), gettin' old, worst luck

notes: 6lack is pronounced: "black". this was one of 
my favorite low key artists back in 2016 (this is a long over due sketch!). looking forward to his next project.

score: 7.5/10

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Four Tet: New Energy. Review Sketch

year: 2017

tones of: caribou, four tet (from the "rounds" era), massive attack (on "planet")

genre samples: electronica, ambient techno, jazz, indian classical, downtempo

music: spacious, frenetic, light, simple, charming, circling, fresh, sparse, bright, quirky, 
airy, amorphous, expanding, clean, happy, dainty, soothing, textured

favs: lush, two thousand and seventeen,
daughter, planet, memories, you are loved, LA trance, the scientist

notes: beautiful enough at first listen but the intricacies really start to reveal themselves over time. keep listening until you get there. it's worth it.

score: 7.5/10