Saturday, November 5, 2016

Bon Iver: 22, A Million. Review Sketch.

year: 2016 

tones of: james blake, kanye, anohni

genre samples: electronica, country, folk, pop, jazz

music: experimental, soft, layered, misty, beautiful, multifaceted, wispy, quiet, melodic, robotic, artistic

favs: 22 (over s∞∞n), 8 (circle), 666 ʇ, 33 "god"

notes: yet another album this year that just does so much in only about half an hour. amazing.

score: 8.5/10

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Young Thug: No My Name Is Jeffery. Review Sketch

year: 2016

tones of: lil wayne (the "lean" version), travis scott, rich homie quan, mystical

genre samples: trap rap, southern rap

music: ecstatic, cool, chill, smoky, bouncy

lyrics: unwieldy, disrespectful, improvised, shocking, unpredictable, cubist, irreverent

vocals: stretched, bruised, scratchy, intense, flexible, floating, uninhibited  

favs: pick up the phone, swizz beatz, riri, guwop, harambe, kanye west

notes: don't mind the dress or the mumbling, thugger is the real deal 

score: 8/10

Saturday, October 29, 2016

LNRDCROY: Much Less Normal. Album Sketch

year: 2014 (#latebutgreat)

tones of: shlohmoh, four tet, floating points

genre samples: electronica, house, ambient, 80s glam pop, techno

music: detailed, hopeful, intricate, scattered, light, slow, satisfying, airy, elaborate

favs: slam city jam, i met you on bc ferries, if sylvia built a house, telegraph my love

score: 8.5/10

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Whitney: Light Upon The Lake. Album Sketch

year: 2016

tones of: local natives, iron & wine, modest mouse, the black keys (softer side of), the shins

genre samples: indie folk, country blues, indie rock, california rock

music: crooning, calming, weightless, beautiful, nostalgic, warm, soothing, shimmering

lyrics: longing, lost, confused, cathartic, contemplative, hopeful, reflective, mature

favs: no woman, light upon the lake, golden days, dave's song, red moon

notes: similar to Cardinal from Pinegrove this album only takes 30min to do what is does so well

bonus: lead singer is a former member of unknown mortal orchestra (a 2015 favorite, with a way overdue review)

score: 8/10

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Frank Ocean: Blond. Album Sketch

year: 2016

tones of: prince, stevie wonder, youth lagoon, the beach boys

genre samples: electronica, r&b, psychedelic rock, world music, indie folk

music: experimental, sparse, warbled, robotic, stripped, futuristic, trippy, echoing

lyrics: introverted, honest, emotive, earnest, visual, experiential, realistic, authentic

best guest: andre 3k delivers yet again on another frank ocean track [solo (reprise)]

favs: self control, nikes, seigfried (lyrics), nights, futura free, be yourself

bonus: i was asked about it, and yes, i think this is def better than Channel Orange

score: 9/10

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Range: Potential. Album Sketch

year: 2016

tones of: four tet, shlohmo, darkside

genre samples: indie electronic, post-dubstep, electropop, uk grime

music: energetic, uplifting, busy, human, delightful, positive, buoyant, downtempo

lyrics: inspiring, resolved, vulnerable, exposed, raw, determined

favs: copper wire, florida, five four, falling out of phase, no loss, 1804

bonus: all the vocals on this album are from unique posters that the range mined from the vast depths of youtube. and their stories make the album's documentary truly fascinating: Superimpose

score: 8.5/10

Pinegrove: Cardinal. Album Sketch

year: 2016

tones of: bright eyes, tonic, wilco

genre samples: rock n roll, emo, lo-fi rock, garage rock, college rock, grunge 

music: bare, simple, fuzzy, acoustic, detailed, jangly, distorted

lyrics: detached, somber, intellectual, dense, cynical, introspective

vocals: raspy, emotional, straining, punchy, urgent, distressed

favs: old friends, aphasia, size of the moon, cadmium, new friends

nb: this album only clocks in at half an hour, but really maximizes every minute

score: 8/10