Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Range: Potential. Album Sketch

year: 2016

tones of: four tet, shlohmo, darkside

genre samples: indie electronic, post-dubstep, electropop, uk grime

music: energetic, uplifting, busy, human, delightful, positive, buoyant, downtempo

lyrics: inspiring, resolved, vulnerable, exposed, raw, determined

favs: copper wire, florida, five four, falling out of phase, no loss, 1804

bonus: all the vocals on this album are from unique posters that the range mined from the vast depths of youtube. and their stories make the album's documentary truly fascinating: Superimpose

score: 8.5/10

Pinegrove: Cardinal. Album Sketch

year: 2016

tones of: bright eyes, tonic, wilco

genre samples: rock n roll, emo, lo-fi rock, garage rock, college rock, grunge 

music: bare, simple, fuzzy, acoustic, detailed, jangly, distorted

lyrics: detached, somber, intellectual, dense, cynical, introspective

vocals: raspy, emotional, straining, punchy, urgent, distressed

favs: old friends, aphasia, size of the moon, cadmium, new friends

nb: this album only clocks in at half an hour, but really maximizes every minute

score: 8/10