Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Drake: Nothing Was The Same. Review Sketch

year: 2013

tones of: shlohmo, kanye west, kid cudi

genre samples: r&b, electronica, hip hop, jazz, pop

music: moody, dark, cloudy, ominoussmoky, serious, bass ridden, spiraling, murky, mysterious

lyrics:  intimate, honest, thoughtful, anxious, female-obsessed, longing, regretful, personal, cerebral, shallow

flow: fluid, flexible, experimental

favs: tuscan leather (so focused and technical), furthest thing, worst behaviour (bananas), from time, hold on we're going home (pure pop craftiness), too much, pound cake/paris morton music, the motion

nb: be warned. this album is heavily r&b drake. it is also strongly elevated by producer, noah shabib. in fact, if i were 40, i would have pulled what ryan lewis did to macklemore on the heist: "put my name on the cover!"

score: 7.5/10 (no classic, but solid addition to the discography)