Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Drake: Nothing Was The Same. Review Sketch

year: 2013

tones of: shlohmo, kanye west, kid cudi

genre samples: r&b, electronica, hip hop, jazz, pop

music: moody, dark, cloudy, ominoussmoky, serious, bass ridden, spiraling, murky, mysterious

lyrics:  intimate, honest, thoughtful, anxious, female-obsessed, longing, regretful, personal, cerebral, shallow

flow: fluid, flexible, experimental

favs: tuscan leather (so focused and technical), furthest thing, worst behaviour (bananas), from time, hold on we're going home (pure pop craftiness), too much, pound cake/paris morton music, the motion

nb: be warned. this album is heavily r&b drake. it is also strongly elevated by producer, noah shabib. in fact, if i were 40, i would have pulled what ryan lewis did to macklemore on the heist: "put my name on the cover!"

score: 7.5/10 (no classic, but solid addition to the discography)


  1. awesome review, was waiting to hear the official thoughts on this one. tones of shlohmo is nail on the head, and agree about the production being on point throughout the album. excellent writeup.

  2. thanks, ck. i could write paragraphs, but i like the idea of a review where people get a quick sense of the music but then listen and fill in the details for themselves.