Wednesday, October 17, 2012

An Ode to Passion

Does your passion sing or does it talk
Is it worldly or is it cosmical
Does it ebb or does it flow
Is it old soul or newly found
No matter.
It is whatever you choose unless it chooses you

Did you struggle to find this great thing
Forming and molding it in your mind
Listening for its heartbeat amidst the noise in head
Or did it mean you passed on some other thing
Wading through, against the current
Embracing ambiguity, stretching norms

Cause it's about something else
Is it not?
Ambition needs its comfort
Motivation needs companion
Layering, no substitutes
Hand over hand
Freedom on top of authenticity
Progress on top of change
Maximum impact

You can't go back
This future needs you
It's calling now, softly, gently, firmly
Come hither, can't you see
Don't neglect, stay focused
Push, push. Carry on.
Satisfaction lies that other side

So here is to yours
Here is to my own
Fully embrace it before too long

This is an ode to passion, in all its forms.

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