Thursday, January 31, 2013

Startup Standouts: Startup Genome


Startup Genome makes software that allows startups to benchmark and compare themselves to others similar in progress and type. The tool collects data and helps startups identify key performance indicators and make data driven decisions.

Location: San Francisco
Size: < 10 people
Funding: Seed, N/A
FoundersBjoern Lasse Herrmann (CEO) / Max Marmer (CSO) / Ertan Dogrultan (CTO)

Why it stands out:
- Quality industry and geographical research reports and frameworks based on data collected from a myriad of startups
- Takes the lead on building much needed risk and performance tools for entrepreneurs
- Historical combination of academics and practitioners involved, as founders, employees, and advisers
- Systemizing and synthesizing startup data across the globe is vital to the future of entrepreneurship

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