Tuesday, April 23, 2013

James Blake: Overgrown. Review Sketch

year: 2013

tones of: luther vandross (vocals), four tet (on voyeur), james blake (really failing when it comes to identifying similar artists!)

genre samples: house, techno, jazz, r&b, gospel, soul

music: complex, moody, soft, smooth, beautiful, slow, low, rumbling, stunning, somber, atmospheric

vocals: haunting, light, free, soft, vulnerable, strained, full, solid

favs: overgrown, life round here, take a fall for me, retrograde, digital lion (theme of this album - good, but gets better over time), to the last

note: while jb expands lyrically, vocally, and sonically, this doesn't have the brilliant contrast and tension of:

score: 8/10 (a slow burner. be in the mood.)

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