Monday, June 3, 2013

Vampire Weekend: Modern Vampires of The City. Review Sketch

year: 2013

tones of: the shins, paul simon, the beatles

genre samples: indie-rock, world music, punk

music: sedate, busy, slow, sombre, quick, ominous, compact, calming, heavy, abrupt, marching

lyrics: dark, disenchanted, spiritual, futility, slow, sad, mortality, life, depressed, thoughtful

favs: obvious bicycle, unbelievers, step, diane young, don't lie, hannah hunt, ya hey

note: if your band name is vampire weekend, using "vampire" again in an album title is a bit much, no? and this from a band full of columbia language arts majors. tsk tsk.

score: 8.5/10 (the first half of this is simply incredible)

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