Monday, December 17, 2012

Miguel: Kaleidoscope Dream. Album Sketch

year: 2012

tones of:  r kelly, prince, cody chesnutt, marvin gaye, the weeknd (opposite twins), the isley brothers

genre samples: r&b, soul, house, quiet storm, the zombies (the end of: don't look back), labi siffre/eminem (parts of: kaleidoscope dreams), funk

music: futuristic, smooth, uptempo, danceable, pulsating, playful, silky, enveloping, head rocking

singing: soulful, pining, versatile, commanding, intense, high range, confident, crooning, independent

lyrics: sexy, intimate, raw, simple, r-rated, straight forward, blunt, amateurish 

favs: adorn, don't look back, do you..., kaleidoscope dream, the thrill, where's the fun in forever, p***y is mine, candles in the sun

score: 8.5/10 (pushes and bends r&b. miguel is future and past.)

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