Monday, December 3, 2012

Tame Impala: Lonerism. Album Sketch

year: 2012

tones of: the beatles, the flaming lips, the beach boys, the zombies, radiohead, caribbean rocksteady (on: feels like we only go backwards), the white stripes (on: elephant. yes.), pink floyd

genre samples: psychedelic rock, lo-fi, indie rock

music: trippy, peaceful, surreal, glowing, layered, smooth, wavy, happy, expansive, comforting, loose, gorgeous, mystical

lyrics: whispery, graspinglonely (obviously, right?), simple, struggling, fragile, depressing, exasperating, fatalist, mind games

album: creative, dreamy, time transporting, satisfying, artistic, breathes, grows, matures the 60s, enveloping

favs: mind mischief (A+), music to walk home by, why won't they talk to me, feels like we only go backwards, nothing that has happened has been anything we could control (lyrics)

note: the album cover really nails just what this record is. someone from the outside looking in on something beautiful

score: 9/10 (8.5, except on re-listens an underlying presence carries this LP to outstanding)

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