Friday, November 30, 2012

Startup Standouts: CircleUp


CircleUp is an equity based crowdfunding platform which connects individual and small institutional investors to private consumer product/retail companies with existing products that have national scope or potential. 

Location: San Francisco, CA
Size: < 10 people
Funding: $1.5M seed
FoundersRyan Caldbeck (CEO) / Rory Eakin (COO)

Why it stands out:
- The highly industry-relevant backgrounds and complementary skills of the co-founders, plus team
- Smart, strategic direction focused on consumer products, accredited investors and revenue generating entities
- Quality of platform: screening by professional investors, revenue minimums, 2% acceptance rate
- Significant partnerships that extend its reach (e.g. SoMoLend [debt], General Mills [exits])
Clayton Christensen, the voice of disruptive innovation himself, is notable as an early investor

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