Monday, October 21, 2013

Chance The Rapper: Acid Rap. Review Sketch

year: 2013 

tones of: lil wayne, anthony hamilton, kanye west, eminem, wyclef jean, the streets, musiq soulchild, john legend, madlib, kid cudi

genre samples: hip hop, jazz, soul, electronica, r&b, gospel

music: warm, chill, smooth, light, relaxed, bouncy, joyous, summerish

lyrics: humorous, fun, light, thoughtful, quirkytherapeutic, playful, witty, real, drug infused

flow: sporadic, versatile, unmetered, spoken word poet, stream of consciousness, scraggly

favs: good ass intro, pusha man, cocoa butter kisses, juice, lost, interlude, acid rap

best guest: noname gypsy (on "lost")

nb: this is one of the most refreshingly varied and non-stereotypical rap offerings of the year (hence the many artists he reminds me of). simply a great mixtape. you can find it on soundcloud here.

score: 8/10

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