Friday, October 25, 2013

Run The Jewels. Run The Jewels. Review Sketch

year: 2013 

tones of: outkast, el-p (his solo productions), fat joe (tell me he and el-p don't sound alike), goodie mob

genre samples: hip hop, trap rap, southern rap, electronica

music: dark, bouncy, menacing, alarming, fast, distorted, hard, mean, heavy, furious, rattling

lyrics: disrespectful, playful, random, improvisational, cartoonish, stylized, crazy, aggressive, bizarre, violent, braggadocious

favs: run the jewels, 36 chains, DDFH, sea legs, job well done, a christmas fucking miracle

nb: these dudes don't get the respect they deserve. Killer Mike is a supreme lyricist (see R.A.P. Music) and El-P has been pushing monstrous electro beats long before Yeezus (see Cancer 4 Cure). 

score: 8/10

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